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Customize your Home Interiors

Home Interior Customization option provides you the exclusivity along with the ‘no boundary’ interior solution for your home sweet home. Let’s design your home beautifully together

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Step 1

1st Meeting to know your Requirements

The first meeting will be scheduled to know the requirements for the interiors of your Home project after the advance payment of Rs 8000, which will be adjusted in your overall project value

Step 2

2nd Meeting for Finalisation of Design & Materials

The second meeting will be scheduled for the finalisation of your 3-D design along with material selection. After Finalisation of Design, we will provide you with the BoQ (Bill of Quantities) and every detail of the materials to be used in your interiors

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Step 3

Let’s Start Implementing Your Interiors

A single room or your entire home , our skilled professionals with more than 12+ years of experience will start implementing your interiors as per your convenience and complete it in 5 Stages

Step 4

Just Sit & Relax with Warranty card in your hands

The warranty card ensures that your home is in safe hands .Therefore you don’t have to worry or panic about anything. We will make sure that you are involved in the process while you just relax and we complete your Home Sweet Home in Just 8 weeks as promised

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Frequently asked questions


Why should i choose Walscape for my home interior project?

Walscape has redefined Home interior ecosystem by providing you the expertise of best designers, maximum warranty, wide design range, no extra 3rd party / hidden charges and professional installation. Therefore furnishing your dream home is made easy.
> Free Design options for every room size
At Walscape, we provide a wide range of multiple themed designs for every room size, including a Customization Option for Clients who are having some ideas in mind. Now feel your room with 360* panoramic view.
> Quick Implementation & Warranty
Once we embark on a project, it’s our sole mission to implement your interiors within 8 weeks. We strive to relieve you from Quality Assurance pain, thereby insuring you with the maximum warranty to cover all your worries.
> Transparency to the Fullest
We believe in providing Full Transparency which assures you of No 3rd party / hidden charges (either contractor or designer charges). We provide you an instant exact Quotation & materials description used in your Home project.


Can I customize just a part of my Home?

Yes, our system is smooth enough to provide you every service regarding your Home interiors. We will work with you to design a part of your home, be it just your living room or your complete home


Can you renovate my existing home?

Yes, we renovate existing home as well as provide home interior solution for new home


What are the advantages of Walscape Services over other interior designers/contractors?

We want to eradicate the existing flaws in home interior methods which includes
>Hidden designer charges for providing extra design options to satisfy all your needs and site visits charges plus hidden contractor charges
>Traditional methods take a lot of time to implement interiors and there is no surety of the finished product as well
>No warranty for the raw materials used in your interiors
>Traditional methods do not provide you with exact expenditure of your project only to realise later that you exceeded you budget
Advantages :
> Free wide range of multiple themed designs for every room size to satisfy all your needs. If still you want more design options we will provide it without any extra charges
> Quick Implementation & guarantee of finished product. We will bear the extra cost in case of any mishappening in your home interiors. We take all your worries. We also provide you the maximum warranty for the materials used to implement your interiors
> No 3rd party hidden charges (either contractor or designer charges). We believe in providing Full Transparency to you which assures you of No 3rd party hidden charges
> At Walscape we provide you with the exact expenditure of your project at the very beginning and you are assured that you will stay within your desired budget without losing any extra penny


Can I bring my own contractor to execute the design?

Designing your home interiors through a contractor/ individual designer/ studio would essentially mean extensive amount of research for choosing right materials, finishes and colours, sourcing furniture, coordinating with painters, carpenters, hoards of labour and no guarantee of finished product. So we take projects only on turnkey basis only for your benefits


What kind of designers will work on my Customisation home project?

Our Principal Designer and company director Mrs. Neha Sharma with 12+ years of experience in Home interiors industry will personally take care of your project


Can I stay in the house if my home is getting renovated?

Yes you can definitely stay while we implement your interiors. In case you want to stay, we will need a particular unit free for renovating the unit


What is covered under the final project cost?

We will provide you a BoQ (Bill of quantities) in which you will get to know about each and every fine detail of material cost, labour cost, furniture cost etc


What are the pre-requisites of the Walscape Warranty?

The warranty is provided by the individual companies whose materials are being used in the project. Therefore in case of repair of any object, you need to directly contact the company and show the warranty card which will be provided to you along with BoQ. The individual companies shall be liable in case of any repairs/replacements


Which are the regions Walscape currently operates in?

Walscape is currently operational in Delhi NCR region, Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan. We will soon expand and provide our services to the other states


Does Walscape undertake civil work?

As of now we only cater interior solutions


If I have any queries/concerns, who do I get in touch with?

For any queries please feel free to contact our customer care team which is more than happy to help you!
Phone >
Email >
You can also use the live chat option on our website


How many design iterations can I request?

Don’t worry we will fulfil your every requirement. There’s no limit to the number of iterations you can request. However, we recommend keeping iterations to a maximum of three or four because each revision will affect projected timelines


How soon can I expect work to begin?

We will start implementing your interiors as soon as you are satisfied with the design and all your needs have been fulfilled and you are happy to start your journey with us